• Cutline Press Kit

    Cutline is a tool for professional photographers to keep and communicate details of their photoshoots to clients, assistants/coworkers and themselves. These details are traditionally kept on paper, voice recordings or other notes apps, and must be transferred and integrated into the photo workflow separately from the photos.


    With the Cutline camera app, photographers can take a reference photo, answer the 5 W's (Who, What, Why, Where and When) and create a photo on their camera roll with the details visible on the image and in the image metadata (IPTC/EXIF/XMP). Cutline photos are also stored in a Cutline album, where any number of iOS apps can sync them back to the photographers studio.


    When combined with the photographers other photos, either iPhone or DSLR, the Cutline photos act as separators, documenting each portion of a photo shoot. The Adobe Lightroom CC "Auto-Stack by Capture Time" feature is particularly useful, where its possible to have the Cutline photos as the first photo on each stack.


    CutlineCamera.com/in-depth has an overview of features including GIFs.

    Documenting the Who

    Detected faces are added as People. This allows the photographer to document the proper spelling of peoples names, clearly and accurately. The photographer can document the persons name, title and add additional free form text. (Additional people can also be added manually.)


    The names are added as metadata keywords, and added as Lightroom "Named Person" keywords.


    For Lightroom CC users, Cutline adds the people as 'Named People'. In the LR 'People View', named Cutline faces show up in the Named People area, and can immediately provide LR with suggested names for people in additional photos. The photographer no longer needs to type in each persons name in LR.

    Documenting the Where

    Cutline geotags the photos with GPS information, but if needed the GPS location can be redacted.


    Multiple address options are provided for the reverse-geocoded GPS coordinates. The default is full address, but lower levels of detail are available when discretion is needed. For example, options can include full address, City+State+Country, and County+State+Country. The address can also be omitted altogether.


    Combined with redacted GPS locations, the photographer can document a 'private' location but still provide location context for the photos.

    Documenting the When

    When possible, the photographer will create the Cutline photo before additional photos are taken. Obviously this is frequently not practical. Cutline has options to backdate the photo in preset increments, OR set a specific time.


    The custom time enables the Cutline photos to always appear as the first shot of the sequence of photos they are documenting. This lets the "Auto-Stack by Capture Time" feature in Lightroom CC put the Cutline photo at the top of the stack.


    Cutline has options to set both 'star rating' and 'color label' fields, to integrate into the photographers workflow. Set the star rating and/or color label to uniquely identify Cutline photos in your photo management system.


    Cutline has color label presets for Adobe's Bridge and Lightroom, and Camera Bit's Photo Mechanic.

    Additional Metadata

    Cutline includes settings for metadata creator fields. There's a setup option to copy the creator information from an iOS contact.


    Copyright information can also be added in settings.


    Release Information

    • App Release: ​Thursday, February 2, 2017
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