• Features In Depth

    Cutline™ has features to streamline documenting your photos. The standard mode is to complete the five W's; Who, What, Why, Where, When. You don't need to complete them all, Cutline will only include the ones you choose to complete.

    There's also a setting to replace the five W's with one 'Details' field. Perfect for us completionists who struggle to answer every W for every Cutline.


    Who is the subject of this event?

    Free-form text.

    Swipe left to reveal options to add an additional person, or delete all people.


    For each face recognized:

    • The first paragraph is their name. It will be added as a keyword.  Each person with a name is also added as a Lightroom "Named Person" keyword.
    • The second paragraph is for information like a title or their function in these photos.
    • Add additional free-form text as needed.

    For those times an extraneous face is recognized or recognized in error, swipe left to reveal a delete button.


    What is happening?

    Free-form text


    Why is this happening?

    Free-form text


    Where is this happening?

    Free-form text.


    Cutline will use GPS to geotag the photo. If you need privacy, swipe left to reveal the Redact option.

    You can also refresh the location, if needed.

    Where possible, Cutline will lookup the address of the GPS location.

    Should you need to be coy about the address:

    • Swipe right for less detailed address.
    • Swipe left to exclude the address.


    When is this happening?

    Free-form text, for more context than just the date and time. "Labor Day Weekend" for example.


    Cutline will set the photo's creation time based on the When setting. Typically, you would leave the setting to "Now" to save the photo with the time taken. This will sequence the photo in-line with your other photos when sorted by time-taken.


    Should you be unable to start with a Cutline photo, you can swipe left to 'move' the Cutline photo back to an earlier time. Swipe right to set a specific time.